About Jack's gems ---------------------------------------------------------

Your child's creations, from first scribbles to elaborate compositions, read like a map of their development and state of mind. Display these nostalgic treasures beautifully and tastefully. Jack's Gems edits, organizes, and in an inspiring and innovative way, shows off 2D and 3D artwork in a sophisticated coffee table book that the proud artist keeps going back to like a yearbook, and parents will cherish forever.

And why not have the photo album you've always wanted but never had the time or knowhow to create. Let me make an exciting, personalized representation of you and your loved one's best memories. Whether it is thematic, a year of family holidays, birthday parties, school trips, or an archival account spanning many years, let me take over this labor intensive project you've been putting off for years.

How it works --------------------------------------------------------------

I will meet with you for a free consultation to review all of your child’s artwork and pertinent information.

I will edit and organize the art and related materials that will be included in the art book.

If doing a photo album, we will review photos and discuss desired theme and objective.

50% cash or check deposit followed by balance upon receipt of book and artwork.

Delivery of completed book 6-8 weeks upon receiving your child’s work. Shipping is not included in the cost.

About Jacqueline --------------------------------------------------------


I graduated from Parsons School of Design, but my love for creation started way back, when I was a little girl. And while my mother attempted to keep some of my earliest works, limited storage and the passage of time resulted in a sad, thin folder of crumpled and faded papers. After having my own kids, I was faced with the same challenge. Weekly surprises, made by my favorite little people from mommy-and-me classes and then nursery school, demanded more than a folder, and then more than a portfolio case, and then surpassed even a trunk. And hanging everything is impossible – there simply isn’t enough space and essentially, no one wants to live in what looks like a glorified playroom. Jack’s Gems is the perfect solution: creative, personalized, and tasteful books that serve as great gifts for the extended family and memories for the kids, parents, and grandparents. I look forward to creating book of priceless gems for you.